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Prain's second book, Hoopla , affirmed her crafty cool, receiving wide acclaim and an Alcuin Society Award for excellence in book design. Perhaps you didn't know that Canada has a rug-hooking guru, but we do, and she is Nova Scotia's Deanne Fitzpatrick. In addition to her own books about the art and craft of rug hooking, Fitzpatrick's art adorns the cover of Lesley Crewe's novel, Kin , and she illustrated Sheree Fitch's latest, Singly Skipping Along.

This new book is a collaboration between Becker, of the popular blog decor8 , and Canadian stylist and photographer Shewring. This is the perfect book for anyone who ever wanted to carve their own panpipe, or for anybody who is simply delighted that there indeed exists a book about how to do such things. Featured projects include the classic slip bark whistle, tube whistles, a kazoo, a vuvuzuela, and reed whistles. Talk about versatility!

A lavender wreath? An herbal sea salt scrub? Ferns from cuttings? Salad dressing? A stylish frozen ice bowl? Grow moss. Or a live willow fence. This book might be more humour than DIY, but you'll never know until you try out some of Manchester's projects which go beyond tomato stakes and walking sticks—making a stick out of a stick is so elementary. Accessories for the home include a Curtain Rod for the bedroom of a hockey-crazed kid and a Lamp that really works.

Make a wooden dagger.

Canoecraft by Ted Moores. In terms of DIY, you should go big, or you should go home, the former basically an invitation to build your own canoe then. Kim Rinehart. Autumn Craig.


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