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1) Pocket Beer Guide 2015: The World’s Craft & Traditional Beers

In practice only selected terms from the flavour wheel are used, which are considered to be the most important characters for the type of beers being produced.

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For most purposes these flavours can be boiled down to 17 flavours 8 Positive, 9 Negative. By concentrating on the positive flavour profile and scoring them 0 to 5, you can quickly build up a quick reference guide. We would love to see the results of your tasting events so feel free to email completed templates to Tutor Brilliantbeer. The Brilliant Beer Co. Cover up to 18 bottles, cans or pints with the paper sleeves and record tasting notes in the 4 tasting notepads.

Definition of Tastes in Beer

When you arm yourselves with the book's quick-reference guide and lexicon, you'll be able to detect and describe every draught's subtlest notes--discern pints rich with smoky, astringent, tart and toffee flavors, to sips with a sharp, metal or skunky smack. For anyone harboring an avid interest in this centuries old beverage, this kit will have you tasting and evaluating everything from abbey ales to wheat beers like the brewers who made them.

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Written by beer blogger and Portland native Jeff Alworth. Made in China. Check out the gift lab of the Beer Tasting Tool Kit on our blog!

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We used this product for an IPA-tasting party, and it was great! We used the bags to cover the beer, and got clipboards for the tasting notes. The booklet was informative with fun facts and history about different kinds of beer, and we'll be able to use the kit over and over for different tasting parties. We only wish the bags were made of Tyvek so that we could reuse them, but we'll get some brown lunch bags for that :. I think my husband will have a lot of fun hosting a beer tasting with his friends!

Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide

My husband brews his own beer and is always trying to get people's honest opinion so he can make the next batch better and better. This is a great way to get feedback on his beer and save the comments to look at later. We had a fantastic time on Christmas doing a beer tasting with this new kit.

British beer guide: The differences between ale, stout and IPA

I didn't use the bags and string that come with the kit they're nicely designed and you're going to want some way to conceal what you're pouring, but were a little unnecessary in my case. The tasting notepads themselves were great, and we had a fun time comparing notes afterwards.

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I was worried that we would need to read the whole guide beforehand, but the quick-reference card was really all we needed to get started. Then, after the tasting when we had more questions we could look through the guide to get answers.

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A great little set! My husband is a beer afficionado however, he complains he doesnt know how to "describe" beer and its different tastes, elements, etc. I think this will be a fun and creative way to help him! Im super excited for him to open and begin using it.