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Radio communication system works with the aid of a transmitter and a receiver both equipped with an antenna. The transmitter with the help of an antenna produces signals which are carried through radio carrier wave.

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The receiver also with the help of an antenna receives the signal. Some information is unwanted and must be discarded and hence the electronic filters help in the separation of radio signals from other unwanted signals which are further amplified to an optimum level Finally the signals are decoded in an information which can be easily understood by the individuals for them to respond accordingly. In Duplex communications system two equipments can communicate with each other in both the directions simultaneously and hence the name Duplex.

When you interact with your friend over the telephone, both of you can listen to each other at the same time. The sender sends the signals to the receiver who receives it then and there and also give his valuable feedback to the speaker for him to respond.

Hence the communication actually takes place between the speaker and the receiver simultaneously. In the Duplex communication system, two devices can communicate with each other at the same time.

Radio Communication Systems

A type of communication system involves the sender and the receiver where the sender is in charge of sending signals and the recipients only listen to it and respond accordingly. Such communication is also called Simplex communication system. The sender has to stop sending the signals to the recipient and then only the recipient can respond. A walkie talkie works on the half duplex communication system. He needs to speak the security code correctly for the other person to speak.

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